Corazon (Heart)

I see the moon and the stars and my heart feels empty.
I wonder if out there in the universe there is a life,
and in the place there
is a person who is looking at the moon.
That one person is feeling sad and lonely just like me.
Wondering why was I born? Was it just to suffer and be treated like
I'm worthless?
To be said "I wish you were never born".
Does God really hate me that much, enough to make my life like hell.
I never had a happy moment were I could say "I'm Happy".
I don't know if there is life out there but I know that there are
people. peaople who are feeling just like me.
Life is a mystery if you have found happiness in life.
Please tell the rest of the billions of people.
I wish you happiness.The one I couldn't find.
Make happy moments last, don't let them just pass you by.

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