Corner in Time

three fifteen Tuesday afternoon the wind is blowing a bit
raking hay for old man Ramsey so dry I can’t hardly spit
stopped at P’s on old 95 only place with anything cold
got to get me an RC Cola some gas an pack of Old Gold
just a little old place where the beer and the soda’s
are kept outside in a box right outside the door in the front
where the lid is held down with a rock
had himself just one old pump sold him some gas time to time
mostly it’s beer and cold soda pop
smokes and a pint if your buying
place used to be a real busy stop
for farmers and labors and such
business is gone since the road got improved
people don’t stop there as much
called it Pete’s Corner for a number of years
then Pete’s and then just P’s Store
gas pump is gone it’s a sign of the times
nobody buys gas anymore
soon it will close and go by the way
you can’t stop time or the clock
I’ll miss P’s where the beer is cold
and the soda’s were two for a buck
everything’s fine at this corner in time
never have to reset the clock
soda’s and beer outside in the front
where the lid is held down with a rock

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