Corona 2020


Awakened to another day,
So much we all need to say.
Life I ponder through eyes of wonder,
Is a blundered horror film the fonder?
Once secure in the shelter of your home,
Now cocooned in a coffin like a filtered dome.
Keep your distance six feet apart,
Wear your mask is being smart.
Afraid to gather and breathe inside air,
Dare to sneeze, cough without proper wear.
Don't be selfish wash your hands,
Safety's health risk much demands.
Support all people wear the mask,
Such a simple painless task.
Be a friend, be a foe,
Countless deaths all in a row.
Keep your distance stay away,
Social Zooming lends a way.
Lack of hugs, touching, solitude takes a toll,
Honor the law or be in deaths next poll.
Corona takes a life of it's own,
Different from SARS, Flu any airborn prone.
Don't be hasty slow your life down,
It just may prevent feeling to sufficate and drown.
Preserve life, wash hands, wear mask, stand strong.

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