Corona: Epidemics and Opportunities

Why cry for corona? Find Opportunities in Epidemics of Corona
China to Chittor, America to Europe Corona
Worried about death, No calculation, no Math
Rescue is in your hand, therefore wash your hand
Maintain social-physical distance, but remember social sentence
Understand magic of two yard, this is not so hard
Never get confused, gathering must be refused
Use Sanitizer and mask, It should be prime task
Treat yourself pursuant; Leave home only when very urgent
What compulsion to come out, when lock-down is very tight?
Reconnect with your loved ones, adore each and everyone
Life is not only in motion, Leave yourself with tuned notion
When Life is too slow, our novel idea should glow
Come talk to the animal and bird, hear the Language of unheard
You are truly very precious, hear the root and conscious
Learn language of plants and river, which is helping us forever?
See the smile of bird and nature, appreciate the god creature
Understand the language of humanity, abscond the Language of cruelty
Humanity is not for popularity? Find your corona linked duty
Connect with not only loved ones, this earth belongs to everyone
Try to understand the god’s creature, bring a tendency to connect with nature
Forget about personal gain, Let's smile once again
Accept the positive aspect, understand the future prospects
Find familiarity among strangers and angers
Let’s find opportunities in the corona strangers
Find Opportunities in Epidemics of Corona

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