Corona Virus


Covid-19; is this the worst flu ever seen?
People everywhere wearing surgical masks;
is this the new norm? We have to ask
Don't get too close is the greeting we now hear most
Don't shake my hand or you could be dammed.
Is that a cough I hear?
A sound we must now all fear
No soap? Without it we must all cope.
No TP in the store? I can't take it anymore.
The virus means not standing by the people beside us.
With boredom we pick up the phone.
We play the game and point fingers of blame.
Talk to old friends and text messages we send
Media installs fear so we pick up a beer
and drown our sorrow hoping we are healthy tomorrow.
No business, no job we think who could we rob
then we realize no one has any money and it's not funny
A bad dream this does seem as you want to scream.
Is China to blame? Is the President insane?
Whatever you believe stay indoor and wash even more.
Don't be stupid and we may just get through it.

Robert J. Vogt

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