“Corona Virus”

I was born on 17th Nov,2019.
I'm just 11 months old.
Within a short period, I became famous.
Now,I'm a global citizen.
I don't have borders to cross.
I don't want passport to travel.
I don't need visa to fly.
I can land in any country.
I can live in any state.
I can stay in any place.
You can't isolate me and You can't quarantine me.
Everyone focus on me and Everyone fear of me.
Who am I?
I proudly say "I am Corona, the Virus"
But now, Don't dare to blame me. Fault is in you.
You ate everything and invited me by saying, Corona...Thu Aao Na
And when I came, you are praying, Corona...Thu Jao Na.
You yourself started this with eating and now ending this with hating!
Its unfair and unjustifiable.
A strong warning: Today I may go, but another virulent in different size, shape, form, name and manner will come tomorrow.
Remember: I am not just a corona. I am a new sibling of a global pestilence.
See you again
Yours CV.

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