Corporate Queen

Her voice was the final say
in the big department she ran
If you tried to usurp her authority,
better have your letter of resignation in hand

She ran a tight ship,
she had a fiercely loyal crew
They were the best of the best,
But she was better than them all times two

To rise to the top
of the corporate chain,
she used her wits effectively
Never getting involved
in sordid office politics,
she relied on her skills and integrity

Corporate queen
Corporate queen
She let the male chauvinists
feel the sting
Corporate queen
Corporate queen
She silences all the haters,
sends 'em job seeking

Being the boss of things,
it ain't always pretty
Being the queen bee sure can exact a toll
But she always felt she could navigate around,
pay that heavy cost to wear
her hard earned royal crown

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