Corpsal Reigns

Time on this earth is cursed. I'm dead with tattoos of slashed markings destitute and acrid dirt filth in my clothes. The skunk drunk a pose a nose a rebel pose. This toast is done to see no way out of this waiting for Kcallia daydreaming smashing. It must be her adroit dark hole with a figment of light of life of flames that might burn.
Being born into ice that cold robotizes types thick I those women I like gothic.

The sex is made from worthless humans meaning me great shade throwing over exact ruined of chance of anything. I had a plan I demand and to bring about evoke my vomit out my stomach then thought. It comes out of my mind nothing is there but dying.
The cockroaches are squashed to not share not here to take Blair to doing up screwing. I upstairs imagine no more looming exact cardiovascular attack inside my head.

The nap death to my health I destroy Cory and this body because I want gore with this glory. It's nice I'm tired of it profound existence. Why is of it? The blinded it tongues tied hands behind my back still rad. With no sign of quit latent vintage praise me. I am flying to the end I meant in front of others.

The rent behind I am twisted listless she her did this life to end it. Now where did it begin? It never did moth's oath my meal to steal away hope.

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This is just an unhinged rant of experimental thought.