Corpses Spree

Once there, I flung the door, with discomfort and a painstaking roar.
Yet, stepped in a chipped hole a corpse that's seen the days of yore.

Attracted to a scent was he.
Not a heartbeat stopped around he.
With rouge liquid covering me, safe can I be.

With a flash did I move.
A simple slice and the head removed.
My how I've improved.
How strong am I; did I prove.

With a soft distinguished sigh looking over the gruesome site.
"What a gory sight!" Said I.
He was once alike- similar to I.
However, time has died and corpses rule the pigsty.
A little bit of flesh here with the occasional eye.

Perhaps this was meant to be.
The dead corpses spree; unsatisfying hunger for the pulsing artery.
The expiry of the land of the free.

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