Time is as long as the hallways of my mind
Hard to predict and just as hard to find
So many doors are closed only waiting for a key
To open them and show another aspect of me
So many claim to have the golden key
To unlock the darkened corridors of the hidden me
They put the key in to unlock the door
They turn the knob the door opens wide
Waiting for someone to take a step inside
Yet all they do is stare stare in vain
The beautiful things they wanted to see
Was not found behind that certain door in me
So all I do is cry inside
As the holder of the key tosses it and me aside
Then all of a sudden all the doors lock
Not answering to anyone elses knock
The already dim corridors of my mind
Will soon turn dark
So this is my claim
Please rescue me from this internal pain
A pain so harsh it burns deep in my veins
I'm just waiting and hoping
For that certain golden key
To unlock all the doors
In the dimly lit corridors of me

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