Corroded Love

I was once apart of the ones whom I now do not understand
Looking for love, In all of the wrong places
But through a number of years, an unfortunate events
The heart that once revolved around love
Was consumed, by hatred
Once sought out to find affection
Now unable to feel, or grasp the infatuation
Or the obsession to feel the warmth
of What is pursed by all god's creations
Though I once longed to perceive that emotion
My feelings, I can not lay bare
For I am incapable of determining what is real and what is fake
And becoming attach to one's feelings, that were never there
A word so easily throw from the lips, without a second thought
That can simply be erased by one's actions
And torn straight from the heart
Pardon me if my heart seems to be filled with spite
But my proven distrust in others
Has sparked disbelief, in something as plain as black and white
For on a heart such as mine, which contains so much pain
Every, I Love You, resides as just another stain
So though it may seem, I possess an detached mentality
My demeanor is only a product of the result of reality.

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