A future mother without her own home.
No high school diploma, no car of her own.
Her conscience kicked in now with a voice.
In her mind she had no other choice.
To take life into her hands is what she must do.
First step has got to be school.

An education she achieved.
A better job to.
But was making more money the right thing to do?
Starting to doubt her life as other mothers enjoy the free ride.
Unemployed with no shame and nothing to hide.

Food stamps, free child care, Free Health Care and more.
What was she busting her butt for?
So broke so stressed every last dollar is gone.
Thinking to herself “what did I do wrong?”
Welfare moms raising their own kids and keeping them safe from danger.
While she is working for her kids to be watched by stranger.

Over the income limit for everything she does not qualify.
Why spread your wings if you’re not able to fly?
Deductibles and co pays along with the rent.
While others collect all the tax payer’s money is spent.

She thinks to herself what is this Government coming to?
When the poor are living better then you?
She doesn’t know and really does not care.
Sadly she will be joining the club with the mothers who are on welfare.

By Elizabeth Fuentes

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