Stop for a moment, step back, let loose the tight reins of the habitual mind,
And ponder a while about the universe that set you forth.
You were born from the pangs of a singularity, amidst the throes of space-time,
A shape-shifting immortal, raised on star stuff.
At the edge of space, your cradle still stirs in the darkness of the cosmic Night.
Recall the rebellion of heavy metals, which had you from a dying star expelled,
Or the other day, when you were the last, desperate gasp of air
An ancient queen by the Nile, with an asp upon her breast, inhaled.
Tomorrow perhaps, you will set sail to populate a distant world, riding on a meteor’s tail.
Permeating an expanding universe, you lapse into the finite
Festival of multitudinous forms crafted by the whims of an electron cloud.
There are worlds within worlds, lives beyond lives,
Bizarre corners where dimensions merge and realities collide,
Far beyond the faint grasp of your select senses,
Realms of unmeasured potentials swell and hide.
This is the mystery that surrounds your lives,
Even on the most mundane of days, through the most ordinary of times.
During the pettiest of hours, you still are a precious attempt
By the cosmos, to fathom itself.

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Inspired by Carl Sagan's book and TV show by the same name.