Could I Be in Love?

Ever known that sensation of being high
Or that mad feeling of being able to fly ?
Or that weird blaze of a flame in your heart
And that crazy knowledge about battle war art ?
Ever felt that this world is just not big enough for you
And these grounds to walk on are almost not true ?
And the skies are near that you could grab a star
Or the moon's too small and not even far ?
Or your body is too fragile to endure it all
And your heart is too full, and you're about to fall ?
Ever felt your blood rushing through your veins
Or you face blushing red in circles and stains ?
Or you could drown in a million oceans and still be ,
Happy for what made you jump in that sea ?
If you've never did I have to tell you a thing ,
You won't understand this so try and catch the string
You've gave me those feelings and it's such a shame
For each lover they are the strikes of fame
Because when it comes to you, know something true
A weak heart and a red face are signs that I'm in love with you

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