Could I?

I wish I could know what you're feeling
I wish I could take away the pain
That my words, whispers and love songs
Don't just wash through you like a drain
Could I steal the darkness from your eyes
And shower them with light
Could I take away the weights of the world
And give you any reason at all to fight?
When your tears race down your cheeks
And agony locks your lips together
Could I collect your tears in my hands
And rush to get my ink and feather?
Could I scare away the monsters
That breathe poison under your bed
Or could I put away the very demons
That howl inside your head?
Could I replace the water in your lungs
With air to make sure they don't leak
To make sure that when you're scared and lonely
You can reveal the 3 words you couldn't speak?
You can listen to the beat of my chest
And pull out your golden key
For if you were to put it inside my heart
It would fit so perfectly

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This Poems Story

I like to write about the things people don't say because I feel that those last sounds and words mean the most.