Could It Be?

Could it be that sometimes, just sometimes it might be
The reason I have problems, people problems, just might be me?
Could it be on some days when I roll out of the sack,
I take things wrongly and say things I wish I could take back?

If everyone has a problem and every problem is not the same,
Should I look into the mirror and ask whom am I to blame?
I wonder could it be, just could it be,
Is it them or is it me?

Is my skin too thin, my feelings too soft that I am not tough?
Should I wait until my cup overflows before I say that's enough?
Should I try a little harder to see through the other's eyes,
Less my vision be obscured by my own tears and cries?

Should I build a shield that words and actions cannot penetrate?
One that can deflect the blow one might throw in hate they generate?
Should I learn to contain my words in feeling I must hide?
Trust no one especially those I thought were on my side.

Could it be, who could it be, them or is it me?
I will look into the mirror and say to the one I see.
Don't be too trusty; the knife in the back may be rusty.
Words in the wind are like poison, and for sure it will get gusty.

Looking back is OK as the future gets nearer and nearer.
Always ask, could it be them or me, when looking into the mirror.

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