Could, Would, Should

Is there a time you could go to?
A moment, an hour, a day?
Not to change perhaps, but get a clue.
Sometimes that's the truth we seek.
A clue that answers a question; not the full solution
but a view.
A switch that could change the path; Would I
change where I'm at?
Would I try the road not taken?
what would change and would I agree?
Or would a cement of regret surround my feet.
I would be engulfed in a sea of uneasy;
or just the opposite, I'd be overjoyed and at peace.
Should we doubt our path we've chosen?
Do we accept it is ultimately God's plan?
and the whole reason for the doubt we feel, is to come
to terms with that logic.
And the time we should to is the HERE, the NOW,
and the PRESENT.

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