Feel like cryin. Have since yesterday. Tears won't come but words are here to stay.
Time has somehow stopped, don't know how or why. Books say it's a lost cause,
should I even try? Little reasons come to mind: help others; show love; do good.
When it comes down to it who cares if it's just a "could." Just a "could" sitting on a
shelf, can be coupled with many another. Could laugh, could love, could live, could do.
Sits there without use, without a laugh, love, life, or even a do. Not a failure, a smile,
a fainting. Not a plant, book, or even a painting. Just a lonely old "could" sitting alone
on a shelf. No other words left to keep it company there. Everyone too busy with
themselves to even care. Just a "could" all alone, without even a friend to phone.
Lights are out now, "could" goes to sleep. Thought never to wake again, never to weep
Never to be used, never to help. Never to say something or even let out a yelp. None
to sweep up the fragments left of the "could" that no one cared for. A few at least look
around to check if anyone would even dare or- No one will, instead it's tread upon,
shoved into the ground. Unrecognisable, the "could" won't be found. What has not
been smashed, stepped on, or washed away, blows away in the gusts of the day.
'Cause see, people still talk the big talk, the hot air is blowin'. Yet no one will walk the
long walk, no one is showin'. But look, back in the shadows, one last lonely "could"
too scared to show his face. Will you be the one to break the cycle in this cursed race?
People will laugh, but don't you worry. Ridiculed and judged, this won't come from the
last jury. One is coming back who has seen all those lonely "could's" along with those
who cared for them. The world thought them cut off, but they were only tucked under
the hem. Exchange that jar of "could's" for "did's" and "do's" while you still can. If you
keep your eyes open there are more left than you think. Pick one up, give it a shot,
maybe your blood will stop running pink.

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