Counselor, what more can be said, that hasn't been heard
Perhaps a few kind words, a repayment of sorts
With knowledge that none was ever needed
For all that you give just by listening
For bearing the load so many times
Of all the struggles that I bring from my mind
For when we meet you stand firmly, on the same ground as me
You listen intently to what I say, and understand the pain of my way
You never judge my fears, or my thoughts in the moment
All I ever read on your face, is that of oneness
Compassion, understanding, trust and kindness
Always a helping word or glance, always the right question to ask
Counselor, consoler, follower of thoughts, leader through feelings
Follower into dark, leader into being
I know not where this road takes me
But I know now there is another which lies inside me
Counselor, consoler, you are medicine for my soul
You mend feeling to bone, you draw water from stone
You help find the path, leading to home
These newfound feelings, this rejuvenated mind
The rally of self, against the passage of time
You helped me find my strength again
By letting my weaknesses flow, freely in your company
By letting my strength grow, slowly from within
Forever always, will I be grateful for your words
Never and nowhere, will I forget how you've heard
A patient of yours

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