Count Your Blessings

By Val Fay   

As the years go by, I think about the past
People always told me, "The years go by so fast
so make the most of everyday, don't let life pass you by
don't sweat about the little things or things that make you cry"
Easy words for them to say, sometimes life has other plans
And though we try to dodge the stress, fate's not always in our hands
Hurdles appear before us, like life's some kind of race
Either we jump high enough or fall flat upon our face
It's up to us to make our way to change things we don't like
Turn negatives into positives, tell our enemies, "Take a hike"
Stay close to those who love you, the ones who've got your back
When your troubles get too heavy let friends take up the slack
No need to prove you're infallible, our worst enemy, our own pride
Behind false smiles and silly jokes we tend to run and hide
So why not say we're hurting and that life is getting tough
There's no shame in admitting it, we all know it can be rough
It just proves you're human and deep down we're all the same
And we need to band together to keep ahead of the game
"You should count your blessings," another thing they said
And that's a phrase I try to keep deep inside my head
We must overcome adversity, encourage and inspire
Because whatever the next hurdle is, someone else has one much higher

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