one God
one Lord

the testimony of two is true
Father and the Son
IAM that IAM

the Father
the Son
the Holy Ghost (which is the power of God)
was witnessed by all of the angelic host

Jesus Christ said:
If you have seen Him,
you have seen the Father
He said: IAM in the Father, and the Father in Me

The Lord said to my Lord
sit Thou on My right hand
as the disciples of Christ were sent to preach the gospel
two by two at His command

Jesus Christ died for our sins
and on the third day rose from the grave
On the third day, He redeemed us
Freed us from bondage of being a sin slave
Jesus Christ is the only name that saves

Salvation is as easy as one, two, three
Eternal life is yours for the taking
All you have to do is simply believe
But so many won't, which is heartbreaking

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