If you know of my existence, please call out to me,
For I am a lonely pebble, on a beach of scarce sand,
A place that was once a land, lively with opportunity,
Until reality awoke, seeping into the surreal roots
Of Mother Nature, stealing what we seek to pursue
And chase our dreams, stripping it lifeless.
Don't question anymore about what it is to live life;
It's gone now, lost in a sea of strife.
Wait, don't look down!
It's too late, your hope is already underground,
Bound so there is no possibility for you to be found.
I can't shout safety, for I represent the voiceless.
I've endured much struggle on this stray shore,
Not like I've ever had a choice before.
I was born helpless,
Since the beginning, I've witnessed human error,
Yielding for peace, yet spreading terror.

But you, you're of another kind of seed.
I'm unable to speak, but my reflection can see
That you're not crying because of the sin of others;
You're crying because of the harm they led to,
What they made this world out to be.

I just hope one day you'll breakaway from these chains
Of the past, and revive life's broken dreams.

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My poem "Countervision" that was published in Eber & Wein's 2017 poetry anthology, "Upon Arrival: New Beginnings."