Country Roots

By Da Poet   

Just a little young country boy removed from his habitat,
the wide open spaces, fresh air, and things like that. The
wildlife, the marshes, the feel of dirt or sand on your feet.
The smell of roses and honey suckles, the aroma smells
so sweet.

The open fields, rows of fresh vegetables, and such delicious
fruit, unscathed by pesticides and healthy to boot. The breeze
as it whistles gently through your hair, the warmth of the sun
shining on my face from the sky way up there.

The sound of a train in a far off distance roaring down the track,
as I venture through a nearby (dump) junk yard and things like
that. Why did I ever leave you say, sure sounds like a lot of fun?
Seems it was my choice, but those days are now long gone.

Now my intro to the city I felt out of place, much like a fish out
of water having been displaced. There’s lots of noise, crowded
spaces, no longer can I see for miles, I’m feeling quite nostalgic
as I reflect on memories for a while.

But, just like most things in life we adapt and overcome, I’m
now a city boy doing things I’ve never done.

By Heartthrob,

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