Courage Is Strange

Writers tend to over analyze everything
Tearing sentences in to words,
Words in to letters,
and letters in to marks that people scribble on paper
to convey a thought, a confession, a story.
Poets, on the other hand, tend to turn everything in to a metaphor;
turning simple words in to ambiguous mysteries
that can be solved many different ways
but never actually lead to a final conclusion.

I am both a writer and a poet,
trying to deconstruct ever word you say
in order to understand something
that can't be understood.
My thought process is a paradox,
leading me to truths that don't exist.

How can someone go through life searching for something
that is impossible to find?
But if I stopped searching,
there would be no point in living.
It is the illusion of hope
that keeps us striving towards
a beautifully deceiving mirage.
How cruel yet wonderful it is
to wander forever...
and what did you mean when you said "courage is strange"?

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