Courtesy from Me to You

I pray that the potential in your weak bones and in your young mind,
help to deliver confidence throughout your time,
To execute all things that have persuaded you to become blind,
Blind to the fact, that you are:Everything they say you are not
And in doing so i hope that for you life isn't a road,
But something that is memorable and only yours to hold.
I pray you can sleep and eat for as long as you feel,
that as long as you live you never lose sight of what's real.
That the truth stays with you and lies unfriend you,
And when the day falls you don't fall with it.
As the days fly by and the nights may drift,
your emotions will flip from happy to sad to maybe even pissed,
I pray you enjoy life for what it is when its gone it isn't missed.
I hope you are fed and you help feed,
That in everything you do you will automatically succeed.
I now dream you are healthy and loved,
Protected and forgiven and accepted from the one above.
I dream you are safe and nothing is tough,
I see you being strong even when them nights are rough.
I pray your head stays high above clouds and sway long the path,
That you fulfill happiness in wrong doings to calm down the wrath.
I see you doing great and almost being perfect,
I see you have everything you wanted and you deserved it.
I pray this life is everything but could,
What i pray most is that you have someone there to wish you good.

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