Covid 19

Titled : Covid 19
On your mark get set, ready let's go!!!!
Accusations and counter accusations
Those that are supposed to find a cure are acting officious pointing accusing fingers
The body count is on the increase and the fear is gripping
..hearts bleeding
I hope you all can hear me loud and clear
I have to clear the air cause it's filled with a lot of stench
And the truth is my wrench
I am talking like a talking drum and beating it hard
....hard enough until is seems like I am virtually banging on your eardrums

Some are pants sagging
Others are hands clapping
Eyes teary cause things are becoming scary
The rulers are shagging their subjects and electorates
Everybody is at loss
In a lose- lose situation there is no victor ,no vanquished
Fear we must banish and responsiveness we all must embrace
This plague must be faced tackled headlong before it can be fazed out.
Man made or as a natural consequence of cross transmission
A product of deceit or conceived out of deceit
This is the Corona virus
Heads spinning in a gyroscope.
The butcher showing no discrimination
Its all out for total annihilation
This is not like your everyday Sci fi or a well scripted horror movie
The horrors are real
The harrowing effects is realer than life

The heat is on and everywhere is heating up.
The heathen are relentless are hell bent on letting loose the beast.
This is like none other and its different from the others:
The Plague, Zika ,Ebola ,HIV/AIDs and the SARs virus respectively
In all respect its vicious
Everywhere is in lockdown
Perhaps this is the final countdown to Apocalypse

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