COVID - 19

In the beginning it was a rumour
that caused people to tremor
the COVID-19 virus was deadly
and its increase was steady
from person to person it got transmitted
to keep it away we stood committed
it did not stop to decide
who it will take in its stride
across the borders it swept
across many countries people wept
to see their dear ones die
with not a reprieve from any eye
onward it went until
the whole world came to a standstill
saddened faces were many as their plans went vary
attending birthdays, weddings and anniversaries was scary
many remembered a past wrong deed
of selfishness, arrogance and greed
it was never thought
that the world would feel the wrath
of a virus gone wild
even to a little child
in a humble way, we sway, we pray
please God let Covid-19 virus go away.

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