Just a poem about how I feel about this Nightmare

It hitched a ride on a plane moved without a sound
Introduced itself to many before it touched down

Soon Death would be knocking on all of our doors

As the body count grew we'd soon realize
It walked amongst us with the perfect disguise

A Threat that surpasses both wars

Many grabbed a bible looked up to the Lord
Others gave it wings isolation ignored

The death toll rose even more

12-18 months they'll roll out a vaccine
Ebola virus no cure since 2014

We the people need so much more

160,000 lost no chance for goodbyes
Alone no Family a cruel way to die

Can't get answers from a closed door

At least on death row you already know
You won't die alone you reap what you sow

When Covid 19 arrived on the scene being a saint
didn't matter anymore

Mike J MacDonald
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