Snowbirds in Arizona enjoying the winter sun
Insurance companies telling us "home we better run".
Flights being canceled daily, global crisis underway
Mass exodus of Canadians, no longer could we stay.
Isolating at home, couldn't leave for fourteen days
Neighbors brought us food and helped in caring ways.
Food and paper products disappeared from the stores
Something that stood out were the hoarding TP wars.
Stern measures became reality, wash hands & wear a mask
Respirator and PPE shortages, world involvement vast.
Lurking in the shadows, pandemic gaining control
Worried about the outcome; vaccine development-the goal
The world began to realize, how could this really be?
Everyone so vulnerable-even you and me.
Summertime outside distancing a breath of fresh air
Authorities pleaded "work from home, keep family there
Music and singing from balconies kept us entertained
Distancing and exercise, a sense of freedom reigned.
Schools with apprehension opened in the fall
Suddenly with a second wave, restrictions were the call
Recall what Granddad shared about the Spanish '18 flu
"Mother of all pandemics" caused death and worry too.
The world as we once knew it will never be the same
Changes so significant, hard to even name.
Grieving for humanity was what it meant to me
Hopeful a healing path will be the futures key.

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