COVID 19 (Leave Us Be)


COVID-19 (Leave Us Be)
I'm Angry as Hell at:
All You Mad Scientist sitting around dreaming up shit
That can Kill me, Kill Us(Humanity)
Just because You can't fathom living Drama Free,
So: You create this Tiny Monster, And Set it Free
Mad Man Made Virus?
To Destroy me, To Destroy US(Humanity)
COVID-19 (Leave Us Be)
Mr. President... Stand up and call The Shots
Be the Man we need You to be, Without acting childishly
Force the issues to Stop The Spread (Nationally)
Doctors... Please Rush to find The Antidote
That can Help me, Help Us(Humanity)
So that: COVID-19
will: (Leave Us Be)
What's Happening Today (Shelter IN Place),
Was written Thousands of years ago, So: Father is this Destined To Be ?

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