COVID-19, Why Won’t You Go?

COVID-19, COVID-19, why won’t you go?
When will you subside? Why can’t we know?
We have to be thankful if we don’t feel ill,
But most of us will admit to some hard feelings, still.
We’re no less than trapped, inside of our home,
We can often feel lost, confused, and alone.
If we set our minds to it, we can relax,
But the weight of the world still seems on our backs.
There is a fear of what is to come,
And if we allow ourselves, we can feel glum.
So how do we combat this near-helpless state?
How can we find joy when we don’t know our fate?
It’s the little things now, that we have to find
To help bring comfort to a troubled mind.
Cooking, walking, or calling a friend
Create positive feelings that don’t have to end.
If we still have jobs, or other income coming in,
We can feel grateful we won’t be stretched thin.
And if we have families who love us so much,
It’s great to know those are people we can touch.
Bottom line is that we’re all in this together,
So let’s cling to the faith that it won’t last forever.
Once we can emerge from the stress and the strife,
We’ll find we are stronger, with more skills to face life.
COVID-19, COVID-19, why won’t you go?
But while you are here, we’ll continue to grow.

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