Covid 4 in Gods Hands

When I opened my eyes I knew right away
I gambled and lost what can I say

Reaching for my puffer the last memory

Guess social distancing wasn't my style
Mom said I was like that even as a child

Is there a law against just being me

Invited to a party of course I'll be there
Asking Mom will only get me "don't even go there"

God she's so much like me

At the party social distancing nowhere in sight
People dancing and kissing right through the night

Unaware of the prescence of covid-19

Mom stayed with me most of the day
She had to go to work bills had to be paid

Mom and a nurse my only company

A doctor came in placed a chair by my bed
I was trying to process all that he said

Laura I'll be straight up no false hope no white lies
I have a daughter your age and the same beautiful green eyes

Overcome with emotion he dropped to his knees

We did all we could to beat this Covid- 19
It's still killing and no word on a vaccine

I couldn't save your life "please forgive me"

Doc the lights above me are starting to fade
So many emotions yet I'm not afraid

Well it appears there's somewhere I have to be

Doc would you mind squeezing my hand
please tell Mom I'm still her biggest fan

And when I let go my Mom will know her little
girls now in Gods hands

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This Poems Story

So many disregarding social distancing, oblivious to that fact that you may be indirectly responsible for the death of others. As age is a factor, parents and grandparents are at a higher risk. Also with age often comes various illnesses impeding their ability to recover.