Something rides along a path of pain and social distancing,
Knowing no boundaries of skin and silence unending,
Through the haze and clouds that stem from the branches of its grip and hold,
We continue to express love and kindness to others as it attempts to grip and console,
What folly it is to fall victim to this virus, this contagion that has erupted,
Something that washed over society and our everyday life so vastly interrupted,
Now we must look through the eyes of the screen and say hello,
The vision of a digital device is the only course that flows,
Still, there is hope and love coursing through the veins of all,
That fight continuously against the virus and the sickness that calls,
Against the ailing and the weakened, there are those at their sides,
Holding their hands and refusing to stand by and hide,
COVID19 in the year 2020 rushed in fast and swift but through this Pandemic the gift of loving,
Brought all of us a most devoutly and specific type of forever gift.

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