Cowboy Love

He never backs down when a cold storm blows
He just keeps on ridin'. for that's all he knows
The piercing night air, or a hot summer day
Nothing interferes with the cowboy way
The work of this man never seems to be done
But only could a cowboy find this rugged life fun
The leather on his boots won't last him through the year
And the hat on his head boasts blood, sweat and tears

He sits high in his saddle, a man strong and true
This life is what he chooses, nothing else will do
For a cowboy is different, a breed like no other
A hard worker indeed, and one hell of a lover

The blood in his veins, and the truth in his eyes
Are as deep and as pure as these Oklahoma skies
Only one thing can shake him, can hinder his strong mind
It's her. his love, his life, with a soul like his own kind

And nothing in this life of his could ever take the place
Of the peace he feels on horseback, and God's amazing grace
These gifts that he's acquired could only come from above
His ways, his faith, his pride and honor
He's a legend. it's "Cowboy Love"

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