cowboy tough

I roam the plains and country sides,
I go from town to town.
Through cattle drives and wild rides,
I always shut 'em down.
My boots are made of leather,
My hands are calloused and rough.
Night and day, I display cowboy tough.

I lost my father at an early age.
It was just my sister and I.
Working through the summer sage,
Each doing our part to get by.
From an early age, I learned to work just to have enough.
Through my life, both day and night, I've been cowboy tough.

I was sitting at an inn one day,
When I met a pretty gal.
She asked how long I would stay.
I was thinking quite a while.
I no longer roam. Being at home,
With her is just enough.
With no bandits to kill, am I still cowboy tough.

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