Cows in Red Dresses

When we were young, making memories was simple.
Pick up a stick, pretend it's a sword,
and run around chasing your friends screaming.
Now making memories, is posing correctly for a stupid photo.
Everything is through a little screen,
and posting it everywhere hoping to get more then 30 likes.
My favorite memories aren't captured through a little screen,
like when your dancing in a big group of people,
screaming on the top of your lungs the lyrics to stupid pop songs.
The late night whispers between your best friend
and you giggling about stupid boys.
When your boyfriend surprises you with little gifts
and tickles to make you smile.
When you are laughing and walking down the halls
and see evil glares from people you use to be so close to,
and you just smile back at them destroying their glares.
Grabbing your best friends hand,
closing your eyes "connecting your brains,"
and dreaming about cows in red dresses.
Not everything can be captured through a bright little screen,
sometimes the best memories are through your bright sea green eyes.

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