I once had a dream of exposing the schemes but their system did not have a crack.
The community wanted freedom but did not envision the shackles that arrived like the symptoms of crack.
I hate you crack! Even the First lady said it, but the CIA must have missed that.
But in DC for certain, the Mayor had the nerve to lurk in the darkness with crack.
The CIA could have warned me but they had an agenda that had no regard for the black.
Because of that, no revolution leader or prominent figure could ever reach the people like crack.
I hate you crack! You only targeted my people because they were black.
Stop playing the race card; the red, yellow, brown, and white all lost a soul to crack.
Yeah but the community where I live is where they trade their dreams, before traveling back,
See the cooks, the distributors, the users, the look out, the shooters just happen to live where the schools are black.
They say black don’t crack but I can tell you first hand, our buildings turned into rubble from crack.
This pestilent disease has ran its course, from the damage we may never come back.
The pistols, the gangsters, the addicts, the prisons are all a byproduct of crack.

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