Cracked Harlequin

Blurry eyes through clear tears
waning hope, waxing fears
One never knows.... Only my harlequin shows.
Fractured perfection, from broken protection
Wounds self inflicted....wrongly depicted
Opinions flung from venomous tongue...
Daily struggle...a muddle...a bump.....
Cycling, driving, pushing away
Self medicating to survive each day
Creating a lifetime of not living,
eternal slump
Numb is ecstasy, feeling no pain
Shielding bruised soul from toxic rain
Compounding, complicated
Exponentially truncated
Needing to purge, lacking a receptacle
Retaining the poison, forbidding a spectacle
Saving face in a dangerous place
A slow leak from behind this cracked mask....
Smiling cordially when..... you smile back.

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