Craig’s Song

I used to break hearts all the time I didn't see it
How someone could be so, so infatuated
But now I'm on the other side
Now it's my turn to cry
Never thought that I would ever, ever, ever feel this
Told myself that I would never, never, never do this
But I don't think anyone asks
When it happens its like a crash

You walk in the room and you make it so much brighter
When I'm feeling down you transform it ten times higher
But I know you can't grasp how I could see you like that
When your not around I miss you, I feel lonesome
Your the first person I check for up on facebook
And I know its a fact you can never see me like that

I just want to cuddle and be held like how you do that
How come you don't know how much I think I need that
Love songs start making sense
When you feel it don't want it to end
Never thought that this would ever, ever, ever be me
Told myself it could never, never, never find me
But I don't think anyone asks
When it happens your in a crash

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