Crash. Burn. Fly.

Can’t maintain a steady speed without barreling off course,
Only to crash, burn, orange sparks sailing, and never fly again,
Just lying down, defeated, heartbroken,
But you have to repair, prepare, and learn to fly once more.

Smoke plumes billowing a million miles high,
Fumes of catastrophic fire and shattered hope,
Diminished dreams, hurt reputations, and sad realities,
But you have to get up, brush off, and learn to fly once more.

Getting liftoff, flight again, touching the grinning sky,
Gliding through the atmosphere, slicing the ginning sky,
Hard times forgot, never to happen again,
But even after getting up, and finally flying, the reality is grim.

Always thinking it won’t, can’t, just never will happen again,
But always, when it does, you free fall, fast and fully,
You go down, down fast, plummeting,
And that is when you crash, burn, and learn to fly once more.

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