\"I\'M ALIVE\"

At night in Wood Stock, I drove my car
over the hard tar
looking for Western Union afar
gas tank glow on orange
moving at a faster range
within a single lane
my seat belt clicked
and two hand holding a tight grip
rainstorm made tires hydroplane quick
as if I had hydrocephalas life about to slip
on two wheels is when that car tipped
until it flipped!
rolled down a steep hill on the grass
screamed as I traveled fast
head banged against the window door thought I would not last
water reflection of a car got smashed
as a hamburger still alive like over cooked hash,
but those wicked thoughts passed
like pushing the seat belt button 'til my body crawls out
rise staggering about
away from the drought
two couples walked closely
about righteousness mostly
where as a compassionate lady
said, "We called the ambulance, they're on their way
are you going to be okay?"

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Tags : Jesus, Me, EMT, Nurse
Key Words : Travel, Drive, Health,

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This Poems Story

A Mystery Shopping Scam sent a sales letter to me offering a phony check of $3,000 that I didn\'t know. I got so excited and ignored the man on the other line who I thought was a police officer hung the phone up to cash the money at Bank Of America. Bank Tellers examined the printed counterfeit document that looked like a certified check, so happily I received $3,000 as if it was a college grant. I bought a car in Lynn, MA for about $1,000 and something then drove to Athens, Georgia. I filled out an application for Section 8 Choice Housing Voucher and only stayed two days. On my way back into Brockton, MA is when I got into a terrible accident and didn\'t make it back safely. The Emergency Medical Transportation Service took excellent care of me, but on several cat scans found nothing. I didn\'t have a scratch on me, but only a mild concussion. Of course, the 1995 Toyota Corolla was towed. One of the tow truck men could not believe how bad the car accident really was because little did I know that a wheel popped off as I tumbled down the hill while the car was very smoky. To my dad the man said, pointing at me \"He\'s lucky.\"