Crashed on a Distant World

A crash, the last remembered sound.
A jolt, the last sensation.
A grating hard against the ground,
A fading, then cessation.

The pain, the first of conscious thought.
The dark, the first commotion.
The feeble efforts come to naught,
The door begs more devotion.

A harder push takes an effect.
A soft light blinds me through the door.
A heated blue shoots through the crack,
A wet, warm mist upon me pours.

I open wide the mettle door.
I halt, inhale, and limp without.
I take a step and up I soar,
I gladly have no needless doubts.

This distant planet has me caught.
The role of soft consent I'll play.
This planet has a captive sought,
It's victory is clear...I stay!

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Tags : science fiction, fiction, fantasy, dream, dreamy

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