Waves of guilt, drowning me.
Boulders of anxiety, crushing me.
Anchors of depression, plummeting me.
Unrelenting want, smothering me.
My chest won't inflate, I can only exhale.
Gasps in, but blustering winds out; I can't catch my breathe.
My ribcage won't stretch any further, my burgeoning heart has squandered all its space.
The flames rise just under my sternum, but there's nothing to put them out.
Walking is dragging my limbs behind me.
Standing is slowly turning to stone.
Anything more and I'm an addict to caffeine, and an abuser of adrenaline. I keep taking to keep flying.
It's getting too dark again. The stars have faded away and the moon is almost gone.
There are rain storms collecting into pools behind my eyes, starting to trickle down my cheeks.
No movements and no noises, just streams. I don't know how to open the flood gates.
I don't know how to save myself from my sinking ship. I'm crashing.

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