Slowly fading in and out going crazy without a doubt. Thoughts flying all around , not one person making a sound. Body in agony from head to toe, but no we cant stop its time to go. Screaming on the inside BEGGING to stop just slow down please I am going to drop.💤💤💤
Take a trip throughout your mind,💭
Be amazed at what you find.
Lost in a world unseen to the eye.👀
Higher than any cloud in the sky.
Ask yourself how long have you been awake 😬
So you can determine whats real and whats fake.
But after so long no one can tell.🚫
Cause we are all trapped in one big illusion cell.
Hearing and seeing things not really there,😒
Your brain and reality not playing fair.
Weak minds go crazy.....
Strong minds go hazy....

But its all the same in the end if you go to sleep your mind will mend.
BUT... If you like this world of tricks, FIGHT the sleep💤
And get your kicks.
But sooner or later you will drop. And your mind and body will make you stop.
Until that moment happens....ahh forget all this i just said I was just writting words down that popped in my head. Hahaha.
"I guess that shit has fried my brain"

An Original by: Sally Elliott.

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