By Alexis    Alexis


Its like walking on the edge of an iceberg with a strong gust of wind trying to blow you in..
The effects of my emotional instability makes it hard to breathe within..
Its like being on a tightrope and having to sneeze with 200 pound weights on each end...
Gotta hold it in.
Like wanting something so badly... to the point of CRAVE..
Man, it physically burns inside as if all the nerves that cause human combustion are under my skin, having a rave..
The yearn for her hug, a scent, a talk, a laugh, a kiss, a touch, even her wave?
Advice, Constructive Criticism, gossipy situations to.. scolding me Woman to Woman about following the path that she paved.
Tidal waves remind me of how the nausea feels through my body and airways
Breathing? How do I do that? I don't even have asthma and need an inhaler to breathe
Eating? Whats that?.... Its not going to stay down long enough to break down and nourish me
The tears are flowing like the constant river flow from the mouth of the Nile
All the boxes of tissue I've ran through can span a thousand miles
And in the words of Vanessa Carlton, Mommy,
"You know I'd walk a thousand miles.. if I could just see you.. if I could just hold you.... tonight."

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