crawl into my head and take your best shot
do unto me give me what you got
you crawled into my world blind as can be
you crawled inside my soul now its death for you and me
Remember friend, as you pass by.
As you are now, so once was I.
As I am now, you soon will be.
So, prepare for death, and crawl to me
i say crawl to me crawl to me
ashes to ashes dust to dust
from the womb you crawl dyings a must
all your life ive been here waiting for you
now your death is my death too
all my friends gone and family is dead
life has been real so get out of my head
voices are speaking preparing my soul
to crawl out of this coffin to crawl out of this hole
burn me down with fire from above
let me crawl through the fire of satans love

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