Lost and alone I feel so confused.
Constantly now my mind turns to you.
Words left unsaid, moments we lost
If I only I knew how much that would cost.

Whats left of my soul is shattered and dead.
My heart, I left it with you in your bed.
Why did you leave me? Where did you go?
Tell me your pretending and it's all just for show.

They tell me I'm crazy, your not coming back.
They act like I'm broken, fragile and cracked.
But how can I follow and move on as they say
When you wont come with me, you stay in your grave?

There is no more point now, my laughter is gone.
Days run together, time is a con.
Memories are daggers, it hurts more everyday
But your wish has come true now, you got me to pray.

To gods I don’t believe in, I offer my soul
For one more chance to hold you, and beg you not to go.
They tell me that I’m crazy, your gone, that's the end
It seems they should have laid me beside you instead.

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