Crazy Feather

This Phoenix is a larger than any Blue Whale.
Bigger than anything you can detail.
Looking directly at it, you see light,
Oranges, reds and even some white.

Pumping his wings makes the fires flicker,
And making flames in His Feathers grow thicker.
Creating a massive shining cone of light,
Flowing through the air, destroying all the night.

Flying up to the left, he sees a tree,
Unknown to Him, a Feather breaks free.
The plume falling away from the mighty Phoenix’s chest,
The Phoenix doesn’t notice, so he continues flying West.

This piece of fluff gets taken on the wind,
Blowing around making the Feather grin.
Finally setting my pace,
Floating down from the Heavens with great Grace.

This Feather was soft and fluffy just like downy, you see
Plucked directly from the chest, of a Phoenix like me!
Vivid Oranges, bright yellows and majestic red,
Licking flames dancing and glowing instead.

Flipping and floating like a ship in the Air,
The Feather finding its way; almost like it’s aware.
Finally floating over a golden Sea Otter,
Gently landing like a dream touching water.

Lightly stirring the water of truth,
Turning into something resembling youth.
Sailing, blowing, flowing forth,
The Feather starts moving North.

Enjoying My time floating on top,
Listening to the water make sounds like plip, plop.
It feels like walking on water,
Feeling the flames become opposite of hotter.

Moving from calm water to rough,
The little Feather still holding on is tough.
A Father wave comes crashing from above,
And the Mother wave envelopes underneath with Love.

Fighting… The Feather gets taken under,
In a crash of waves, that sound like Thunder.
Now I am living my life.
Moving and flowing with the water as my mid wife.

Meeting new Feathers within the ocean,
Some showing a lot of emotion.
The fish are fun and so are the otters,
Laughing and playing just like your daughters.

The water flowing through the Feather.
Creating turbulence just like in the weather.
Every time a year would pass.
The Feather would lose even more of its mass.

Each vane on the shaft losing its hold.
The Feather thinking “I never want to get old.”
Becoming more brittle within times strife.
Also becoming wiser within their life.

Over time this Feather is stripped down bare,
Flowing in water, like extremely thick air.
Many generations pass by,
Finally, the Feather is about to Die

Now this Feather resembles a hollow straw,
Floating up from the ocean floor, with awe.
Getting stuck within bark of a large log,
The driftwood settling on the beach within thick fog.

While on the beach there are trillions of birds.
Chatting and chirping to each other almost sounding like words.
All looking for something that is trapped in the sand.
Pecking and searching looking for a strand.

Then above, a crash and a boom are heard,
The sky opening with light, exposing a giant bird.
The Phoenix fly’s over the beach,
Looking for something that is out of reach.

Flying low keeping His senses motion,
He follows a stream of light that comes from the ocean.
Seeing something shimmer over there,
Somethings under that log, it must be rare.

Finally seeing what He is looking for.
Flying next to the driftwood upon the shore.
When this massive Phoenix lands,
It disturbs and shakes all the sands.

All the little birds fly up in the sky,
Terrified and fleeing in form of an eye.
Seeing the Phoenix walk to the log.
The heat of His Feathers burning off the fog.

Tapping His beak to feel the bark.
He senses something underneath in the dark.
Digging and scratching the wood till it falls apart,
Exposing the nub of his Feather that came from His Heart.

Gently picking up the shaft in his beak,
He notices something; the quill is very weak.
Slowly and gently humming a tune,
The Feather starts to shiver, shake and swoon.

The song picking up to a faster pace,
The Feather vibrating and shimmering, like it is in a race.
12 birds curiously land upon the Phoenixes back,
Each one shifting to vivid colors, from their original black.

All the 12 birds now shifting and glowing,
Learning the song and a little of knowing.
Phoenix’s fire now burning within them,
Their knowledge and wisdom shining like a gem.

Continuing the song with one last verse,
The Feather shifting and morphing and dropping its curse.
Now the Feather is whole and pure,
Flying back to his chest, like a magnet with a cure.

He is finally happy and content,
He has vigorously removed a giant dent.
Looking around the massive beach,
The Black Birds staying out of reach.

Knowing that His job is done,
He flies away towards the Sun.
Glancing over His Wing He sees,
12 vivid birds teaching with ease.

Each one teaching a part of the song,
And how to repair things if they go wrong.
They take it and make it their own,
And allow the other birds to go home.

Now go share this story with a Friend,
because this message is finally at its End-

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