Crazy Love

I've been sitting here all day
thinking of what I'mma have to say
its killing me inside
I just want to run and hide
I miss you like crazy
yeah my days are getting kinda hazy
I miss your soft lips
and the way you touched me
I sway my hips like
I'm on the Titanic in the sea
we flirt we play
we lie we stay
no matter how hard I try
you will never leave my mind
Its a dark path to nowhere its driving me insane.
I have my last token to win this night and day.
Come with me my lover.
We have no time to spare so don't just stand there and stare.
I come now to win and defeat what you have to say.
I win with great desire and deep depths of despair.
You will not defeat me 'cause I have great power.
Ha you think that you're a player, well babe you're just a beginner.

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