Crazy Right

Crazy how we all grow up to hate
Hate the ones that hate us
Hate the ones that afflicted anger against us
Against the reality of being wanted
Hate the ones thats not like us
How we do it right?
What about love?
Loyalty and trust?
We always seem to dance around the feeling of not having
Not being able to be us,
Explorers right?
Not the ones that explore but the one that explore nature substances,
Weed and drugs right?
Ooh yeah it helps us cop with immoral emotions
The immoral emotion of being wrong far from right,
Hate far from love and loyalty far from trust.
Was it the absences of the beloved?
The reason why we scared to die
The day grandma asked us to go to church and we denied?
The feeling she felt like we were in discused
How could she?
Why would we?
The high that we consume as if we were someone else.
Crazy Right
How fast can you get high off the memory of you being you!

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